About Us

Radio is America’s # 1 reach medium and growing, with 93% of Americans tuning in weekly. Only radio is live, local and personal with massive scale, offering today’s advertisers daily audience engagement, unparalleled return on investment, and powerful brand activation at a time when competitive media are becoming increasingly disrupted.

The Juice Broadcasting Network looks to blur the lines between traditional radio and new age internet radio with “The Juice” broadcasting on 89.9fm being the only station you can see, feel, and hear. The Juice is an urban music and culture radio station delivering the newest music from label signed and independent artist throughout the industry.

Targeting the urban music community in Rhode Island and building a culture by investing in the same communities we currently target, through events and engagement, The Juice has a very concrete market in a currently undersaturated market. Reaching Male and Female audiences ages 14-65 of varying ethnicities throughout Rhode Island, not only allows new music to reach new listeners but also expands the market share for all local business advertised on The Juice.

Founded by DJ Rukiz, one of Rhode Islands most influential DJ’s, as an alternative to standard radio. The Juice is more than just a radio station you can tune in to on a long drive. The Juice is the radio station in your home through Live Remotes, The Juice is the station at your children’s sporting events through Community involvement and advocacy, The Juice is the radio station raising the bar for independent artist by providing a platform on which to be heard by thousands.

So now that you know what The Juice is, the only real question is: Do you got The Juice?